Choosing a floral bouquet can be a daunting task, you want the recipient to like what you pick, but how do you guarantee that? Your best bet is going with a pre-made bouquet, but even there you will have some choices to make. The following information will help you pick a bouquet that is well-recieved.gerbera9

Know your Audience

If you have sent your recipient flowers in the past chances are good you know some of her preferences. Did she like the last bouquet you sent her? What kind of flowers did that bouquet have? Does she like roses? Color also plays a role when picking a bouquet. For instance, your recipient may prefer pink or yellow roses of the traditional red rose. She may also prefer a mixed floral bouquet, like roses mixed will daisies or tulips. Read More →

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, the most popular day for the sending and reception of flowers is approaching near. Among several species available, roses are at par the most used ones by lovers on this day, where taking proper care of such a precious gift is the first preference. If you wish to extend the life of your floral gift, a few guidelines discussed below might be helpful.V40032RS

Water is a Vital Source of Nourishment

Keep the floral foam or the vase soaked with fresh water every time, where cloudy water should be replaced immediately and warm water helps flowers uptake easily. Also, re-cut the stems of flowers daily by an inch or two, if possible, and use a sharp knife while making the cut under water, avoiding flowers to intake air. Read More →

Cake Love I Love You Daisy_MDMany people celebrate different type of occasions with cakes. Every cake is made specifically for the specific occasion – Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes & flowers, Christmas cakes or graduation cakes. Cakes are mostly served as desserts to the guests. One can also give the cake as a gift to someone as a sign of love, friendship, thanksgiving, a token of appreciation. They come in various sizes, colors, designs and flavors. All of these features depend upon the baker, occasion, designer and costumer who want it. The design and decoration on the cake is decided according to the event for which it is made. Different toppings such as strawberries, cashew nuts, almonds, grapes are also used to make a cake look good.Cake-RedPink-hearts


Cakes for different occasions have different designs, theme and decorations on it based on the specific event or person. If one needs a birthday cake, it is normally decorated with colors and designs. With children’s birthday cake, one can also have his favorite cartoon characters, sport or sports team for the decoration. Birthday cakes can also be made with ones picture embedded on it.

Wedding cake is generally white with flowers matching bride’s bouquet or decorations fitting with the theme, location and style of the wedding. Wedding cakes can also be made to match the wedding outfits.

For anniversaries or business inaugurations, cakes are designed with edible images or decorated with different colors and designed generally for the person, the organization, the location or the theme of the event, if any.


For a specific festival, a cake is customized to the particular occasion. A Christmas cake normally has dry fruits and nuts used for its design. In Christmas cake, one can also add edible Christmas time decorations and edible ornaments.  A Halloween cakes can be flavored with spices like cinnamon. A cake is used for any national and religious holidays, for every holiday, it is decorated according to the event. Each cake is designed and decorated to suit the occasion or the theme. The most important part in a special event cake is that the cake is designed fully according to the need or to the occasion. The other important thing one should remember is the decoration and colors to be used in cake are perfectly fit for the event.

floral12Making the home beautified and close to the nature’s elegance is an art. There are various factors that need to be considered while decorating the interior. Some of which are colors, lights and patterns. Colors are the most important parameter governing the internal environment of the house. Read More →

Online floralFlowers are the best kinds that can be gifted to anyone. For long now humankind has been giving flowers to mark an occasion of happiness. In the recent times, the world is under the grip of e-commerce where you can sit at the comfort of your home and buy whatever you want just with the click of the mouse. How can flowers be left behind in this scenario? In last two decades, there has been a huge growth of online florists who are ready to deliver flowers wherever you want them to.

Why Online Flower Delivery Becoming Popular

Till a decade back people were skeptical about ordering things online as it was thought that once you pay for the things you never know what will be delivered, but times have changed and online shopping has caught on. Now the best of the things can be bought online, and fresh flowers are being bought and delivered online worldwide daily.

Moreover in this busy world many do not have time to physically go to a florist and choose the flowers of one‘s liking and within one’s budget. But yet you do need to let your loved ones know that they are cared for and thought about in all the special occasions. With so many things to do in a day it is not really possible to visit more than one florist to actually get what you want and then there is the coordination part that needs to be done to get the flowers delivered. While shopping for flowers online, you have numerous options to choose from and that too sitting at your home or work station. Read More →

christmas flowersFlowers are the best messenger to express your joy, care, gratitude, happiness and feeling for the person. Florists design bouquet for every occasion in a unique and eye-catching way. You can present this bouquet to any individual just because of the following reasons:

  • Just because I love you
  • Just because you have cleared the CAT exam, medical exam or driving test
  • Just because you are a great human being
  • Just because it is your birthday
  • Just because it is your anniversary

You can gift the bouquet to any individual to make their day more special and memorable. Just the color of the flowers has been different for each occasion.

There are different varieties of “just because” flowers available near online flower service providers. Some of them include Rich Red Roses in a Vase, Bouquet of beautiful blushing peach or Pink Roses, Captivating Red Rose arrangement, Bouquet of attractive fresh Orchids, Bouquet of 15 bright Gerberas, Bouquet of beautiful mixed Roses, etc. Read More →

wedding-flowers1Choosing the right flowers for your seasonal wedding.

Choosing fresh flowers for your wedding decor and arrangements can often add the final and most beautiful touch to your ceremony. Many brides shy away from the idea of using fresh flowers thinking that they are often too difficult to source, pay for and arrange and instead opt for silk flowers to use instead. Although brides may find this option to be more cost effective for their budget – fresh flowers do indeed add a much more elegant and luxurious feel to your ceremony and when chosen properly, can also be more cost effective than silk flowers.

Read More →

christmas flowersSome little acts of kindness might make a big difference. Sending somebody a gift is such an act. It may seem simple to send a gift to someone special but the way your gift is presented has a great effect on the receiver’s emotions. Sometimes, a simple bunch of Xmas flowers delivered on time personally might make more sense than any other expensive present received after the occasion.


Make your relations blossom like flowers: In present times, everybody is so busy in their work that they don’t get time to nurture their relationships. Sending simple gifts like flower bouquets by MayaFlowers can boost your relations with the people around you like family, friends and colleagues. A little time invested in selecting and sending a gift to the person you love or care for can yield a great relationship along with sense of satisfaction and happiness. But people find it difficult to take out time from their busy schedules to go to the markets and make proper selections for the gifts.  Read More →

Landscape GardeningFive Tips On How to Use Flowers In Your Landscape Design

 Incorporating flowers into a landscape garden can mean the difference between eye-catching and boring. Too many people believe that there is only one way that flowers can be added to a property: in a squared off zone, that has absolutely no variety to it. Instead, why not think of the flowers as tubes of oil paints, a multitude of colors that you can add into your landscape, generously applied with bold strokes that make a statement. Read More →

95672zFor centuries, flowers have been an active member of our homes. A pot holding fresh flowers that you brought after morning jogging not only makes your home decorated but also radiates positive energy. A vase of red roses on a white clothed dining table makes your senses refreshed. They heal estranging bad odors and unfolding fragrance lifting spirit up.

Yellow Flowers: an invitation to shake hands

Yellow flowers are synonymous to friendship. They spread joy and represent nobility. They set our mind in bliss. Yellow flowers smile calling upon new partnerships. They tell about trust and mercy. They non verbally ask for compromise indicating the end of conflicts. When yellow daffodils tell your friend that he is special, Sunflowers symbolizes pride.

Blue Flowers: Inborn healers

Blue flowers are mighty flowers with unique potential to alienate sadness and boredom. They cool our eyes and spread peace. They are very bright flowers which ensure sound mental health. They calm down worries. They represent clarity, communication, intelligence and tranquility. As a blue hyacinth signifies sincerity, a blue lotus means wisdom. Read More →