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green-lifestyleFlower gardening is one of the oldest tradition of the families all over the world. Flowers are the integral part of human life. Thus, flower gardening adds joy and happiness to the families.  The gardens are decorated with bright, fresh and scented flowering plants. Red, white, pink and yellow roses are widely planted in the gardens. Tuberoses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, etc. are common types of garden plants. These flowering plants do not require any special care and can grow joyfully with little watering and addition of fertilizers. The plant containers should be kept in enough exposure to the sunlight. There should be a proper drainage system at the plant containers.

Flowers are one of the most precious and priceless gift of god and nature to the mankind. The beauty and the unique ability to express emotions just by their presence are absolutely impeccable. They bring joy, comfort, happiness, support and many such beautiful emotions by enduring our lives with their presence. Flowers have been renowned for their strong extraordinary ability of conveying emotions more beautifully and expressively than with the use of words.  Whenever someone’s too confused or uncomfortable to communicate verbally, flowers have always been the alternative form of communication to express what one wishes to. Whether it’s love, grief, supports or congratulating someone for any achievement, flowers has always been the best medium of expression.