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Cake Love I Love You Daisy_MDMany people celebrate different type of occasions with cakes. Every cake is made specifically for the specific occasion – Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes & flowers, Christmas cakes or graduation cakes. Cakes are mostly served as desserts to the guests. One can also give the cake as a gift to someone as a sign of love, friendship, thanksgiving, a token of appreciation. They come in various sizes, colors, designs and flavors. All of these features depend upon the baker, occasion, designer and costumer who want it. The design and decoration on the cake is decided according to the event for which it is made. Different toppings such as strawberries, cashew nuts, almonds, grapes are also used to make a cake look good.Cake-RedPink-hearts


Cakes for different occasions have different designs, theme and decorations on it based on the specific event or person. If one needs a birthday cake, it is normally decorated with colors and designs. With children’s birthday cake, one can also have his favorite cartoon characters, sport or sports team for the decoration. Birthday cakes can also be made with ones picture embedded on it.

Wedding cake is generally white with flowers matching bride’s bouquet or decorations fitting with the theme, location and style of the wedding. Wedding cakes can also be made to match the wedding outfits.

For anniversaries or business inaugurations, cakes are designed with edible images or decorated with different colors and designed generally for the person, the organization, the location or the theme of the event, if any.


For a specific festival, a cake is customized to the particular occasion. A Christmas cake normally has dry fruits and nuts used for its design. In Christmas cake, one can also add edible Christmas time decorations and edible ornaments.  A Halloween cakes can be flavored with spices like cinnamon. A cake is used for any national and religious holidays, for every holiday, it is decorated according to the event. Each cake is designed and decorated to suit the occasion or the theme. The most important part in a special event cake is that the cake is designed fully according to the need or to the occasion. The other important thing one should remember is the decoration and colors to be used in cake are perfectly fit for the event.