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Choosing a floral bouquet can be a daunting task, you want the recipient to like what you pick, but how do you guarantee that? Your best bet is going with a pre-made bouquet, but even there you will have some choices to make. The following information will help you pick a bouquet that is well-recieved.gerbera9

Know your Audience

If you have sent your recipient flowers in the past chances are good you know some of her preferences. Did she like the last bouquet you sent her? What kind of flowers did that bouquet have? Does she like roses? Color also plays a role when picking a bouquet. For instance, your recipient may prefer pink or yellow roses of the traditional red rose. She may also prefer a mixed floral bouquet, like roses mixed will daisies or tulips. Read More →

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, the most popular day for the sending and reception of flowers is approaching near. Among several species available, roses are at par the most used ones by lovers on this day, where taking proper care of such a precious gift is the first preference. If you wish to extend the life of your floral gift, a few guidelines discussed below might be helpful.V40032RS

Water is a Vital Source of Nourishment

Keep the floral foam or the vase soaked with fresh water every time, where cloudy water should be replaced immediately and warm water helps flowers uptake easily. Also, re-cut the stems of flowers daily by an inch or two, if possible, and use a sharp knife while making the cut under water, avoiding flowers to intake air. Read More →