Choosing a floral bouquet can be a daunting task, you want the recipient to like what you pick, but how do you guarantee that? Your best bet is going with a pre-made bouquet, but even there you will have some choices to make. The following information will help you pick a bouquet that is well-recieved.gerbera9

Know your Audience

If you have sent your recipient flowers in the past chances are good you know some of her preferences. Did she like the last bouquet you sent her? What kind of flowers did that bouquet have? Does she like roses? Color also plays a role when picking a bouquet. For instance, your recipient may prefer pink or yellow roses of the traditional red rose. She may also prefer a mixed floral bouquet, like roses mixed will daisies or tulips.

valetines day bouquetGetting the Flowers

Ordering you flowers on the Internet is probably the easiest way to get a floral bouquet. You can see pictures of the bouquets a florist offers, so it makes it easier to pick something your recipient will like. You can pick a mixed bouquet, or a bouquet with one type of flower in it. Most websites that sell flowers will have an exact picture of what the bouquet will look like when your recipient receives it so you know exactly what you are getting.

T43-1AKnow your Budget

When you are searching for bouquets to send it helps to know your budget. There is no sense getting your heart set on a big fancy bouquet if you can’t afford to pay for it. There are plenty of smaller bouquets that will likely be within your price range. Roses tend to be expensive so if you are on a budget you may opt for something other than roses. A bouquet with a few roses mixed in may also work.

Know your Style

What kind of gesture are you trying to make? Do you want a lavish bouquet with an abundance of flowers, or are you looking for something with a simple aesthetic. Knowing what your recipient will like may also help you decide what style of bouquet you want to send.

2015-01-15-ScreenShot20150114at51.59.17PM-thumbWhat is in Season

If you are not sure what type of flowers you want in your bouquet you may want to consider what type of flowers are in season. In the winter French tulips, amaryllis, hypericum, protea and quince are in season. In Spring Hyacinth, tulip, daffodil, lilac, peony, sweet pea, lily of the valley and cherry blossom are in season. In summer hydrangea, lisianthus, snap dragon, sunflower, tuberose, cornflower, zinnia and cosmos are in season. In the fall calla lilly, dahlia, bittersweet, celosia, mum, scabiosa, pomegranate and cranberry are in season. Flowers that are in season are typically more affordable.

Consider the Meaning

Different flowers have different meanings behind them. Roses, especially red, tend to symbolize love. Yellow roses symbolize friendship. Gerber daisies mean simplicity. Hydrangea mean understanding. Sunflowers means adoration. Baby’s breath means innocence. Try to see what the meaning behind an arrangement would be. If your guest is a flower buff she will appreciate the time you put into selecting a meaningful bouquet.

Bouquet Delivery

When you are picking a bouquet of flowers you also want to consider how the flowers are delivered. Is the bouquet already put together when it arrives. Do you have to take the flowers out of a box and arrange the flowers yourself? Oftentimes flowers that you order online are shipped in a box and the recipient has to put the flowers together on their own. Flowers also can be delivered from a local florist, in which case they would be delivered pre-arranged. Think how the recipient would prefer to receive her flowers.Carnations_Centerpiece

The Occasion

What is the occasion you are sending the flowers for? If it is for Valentines day you may want to send roses because that is what tradition dictates. If the bouquet is for Mother’s day you may opt for a mixed bouquet of flowers that are in season. There is no rules as to what you can send for what occasion, but if you are having trouble deciding what to send tradition can be helpful when making your choice.

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