If you are a beginner, you need to know some procedure to plant trees. It is not at all complex to start a gardening project. In schools, many children are seen to accumulate dirt in a cup and plant seed in it. Watering it regularly and watching the seed to grow will be an important fact. But, once you grow up, gardening is not restricted to planting seeds in a cup. Some steps to be followed are:

  • Make your bed.
  • Dig furrow.
  • Light watering.
  • Sowing of seeds.

Attracting birds in your garden

If you have a garden beside your home, along with flowers grown in gardening plants, you must also welcome birds in your garden. There are many migratory birds that move from one country to another during specific season.  You can now attract birds in your garden during springs. The seasonal birds during this particular season are robins and blackbirds. If you have visitors at home, they would definitely like watching birds in your home garden. Since each bird has different color and size, you will really enjoy watching the birds in the flowering atmosphere.

Apart from providing beauty and color to your garden, birds play a great role in pollination of plant. Another advantage of birds in flowering garden is pest control. If you really wish to attract birds in your garden, the best way will be to know about what they like. Main things on which they concentrate are water, food and shelter. If your garden consists of all these three needs, they can definitely visit your garden.

Indian gardening Calendar

Individuals interesting in gardening must be aware of Indian gardening calendar. The months mentioned in such calendar will be suitable for planting trees. You will be able to get the detail about best times when seed base should be started. It is possible to carry on with gardening by considering moon calendar. Sometimes moon phases and astrological calendar can also speak about the right time to plant trees.  Gardening tips on organic gardening and inorganic gardening is required for flower gardening trade.

Plant needs some nutrients to grow. Most important factors responsible for the growth of plants are proper sunlight, adequate rainfall and fertilizers. If you can place the plants where there is a good airflow, this will be an added advantage to your plant. A garden filled with flowers and fruits make an individual refreshed. Even an ill person can recover very quickly in such a wonderful atmosphere. No need to consume any medicine whenever you are ill. The best way to recover your illness would be to enter a flower garden rich with flowers and birds.

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