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With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, the most popular day for the sending and reception of flowers is approaching near. Among several species available, roses are at par the most used ones by lovers on this day, where taking proper care of such a precious gift is the first preference. If you wish to extend the life of your floral gift, a few guidelines discussed below might be helpful.V40032RS

Water is a Vital Source of Nourishment

Keep the floral foam or the vase soaked with fresh water every time, where cloudy water should be replaced immediately and warm water helps flowers uptake easily. Also, re-cut the stems of flowers daily by an inch or two, if possible, and use a sharp knife while making the cut under water, avoiding flowers to intake air. Read More →

christmas flowersFlowers are the best messenger to express your joy, care, gratitude, happiness and feeling for the person. Florists design bouquet for every occasion in a unique and eye-catching way. You can present this bouquet to any individual just because of the following reasons:

  • Just because I love you
  • Just because you have cleared the CAT exam, medical exam or driving test
  • Just because you are a great human being
  • Just because it is your birthday
  • Just because it is your anniversary

You can gift the bouquet to any individual to make their day more special and memorable. Just the color of the flowers has been different for each occasion.

There are different varieties of “just because” flowers available near online flower service providers. Some of them include Rich Red Roses in a Vase, Bouquet of beautiful blushing peach or Pink Roses, Captivating Red Rose arrangement, Bouquet of attractive fresh Orchids, Bouquet of 15 bright Gerberas, Bouquet of beautiful mixed Roses, etc. Read More →

christmas flowersSome little acts of kindness might make a big difference. Sending somebody a gift is such an act. It may seem simple to send a gift to someone special but the way your gift is presented has a great effect on the receiver’s emotions. Sometimes, a simple bunch of Xmas flowers delivered on time personally might make more sense than any other expensive present received after the occasion.


Make your relations blossom like flowers: In present times, everybody is so busy in their work that they don’t get time to nurture their relationships. Sending simple gifts like flower bouquets by MayaFlowers can boost your relations with the people around you like family, friends and colleagues. A little time invested in selecting and sending a gift to the person you love or care for can yield a great relationship along with sense of satisfaction and happiness. But people find it difficult to take out time from their busy schedules to go to the markets and make proper selections for the gifts.  Read More →

New Year’s Day is a much popular day and is known among all. This day is celebrated all over the country and is declared as a holiday in many places. It is the beginning of a new year in the Gregorian calendar. This day is celebrated all over the world in various ways. This day is very special for each and every people and many of them consider the day as auspicious. Read More →

Christmas time is full of magic for young children. The adults create an almost surreal world for them full of wonder and enchanting fables. The one thing children look forward to all year round is Santa Claus; at least the ones that have been good. Santa Claus, however, is not alone. He comes with his own posse of flying reindeer and helper elves who come with him from the North Pole where they assemble the gifts he carries in his red sleigh for all the children in the world alike. Read More →

The one festival for which the entire country waits the whole year is Diwali. Whatever be its religious significance, today it is the festival of lights and is celebrated by all people irrespective of their religious beliefs. So, now that Diwali is here, it is that time of the year once again – the time for celebrations and exchanging gifts! With thousands of advertisements on the television and an equal number of print advertisements, there is no way you can miss the fact that you have to buy gifts for your near and dear ones.   Read More →

Importance of exchanging gifts can only be felt after understanding the tradition and custom behind it. The sole purpose is to share happiness and be united. A gift brings the real joy in receiver’s face. It is experienced not only with the receiver, but also by the person who is giving it. Exchanging gifts are proven to have physiological benefits as well. People exchanging gifts tend to share a unique bond of closeness, giving them a comfort zone. Read More →

India being a secular country, this festival is being celebrated by people across all castes and creed. According to a survey conducted, it is estimated to influence a minimum 40% turnover in this festive season. However, the outlook of people changes according to the lifestyle and the place that they live. Nowadays, most of them are moving towards maintaining the eco-system. Subsequently, the number of users lighting crackers are reduced drastically. It’s been proved that such small measures help us maintain our eco-system; nevertheless will everyone be accountable equally?

Commercialization has also hit many places in our country. Rather than being a festival of kindness and joy, the festival is being perceived as profitable entity across horizons of our Country. Though there are certain places, which people rejoice and seek this wonderful time to spread happiness by distributing love in the form of sweets, chocolates, gifts, flowers and wishes. Read More →