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Choosing a floral bouquet can be a daunting task, you want the recipient to like what you pick, but how do you guarantee that? Your best bet is going with a pre-made bouquet, but even there you will have some choices to make. The following information will help you pick a bouquet that is well-recieved.gerbera9

Know your Audience

If you have sent your recipient flowers in the past chances are good you know some of her preferences. Did she like the last bouquet you sent her? What kind of flowers did that bouquet have? Does she like roses? Color also plays a role when picking a bouquet. For instance, your recipient may prefer pink or yellow roses of the traditional red rose. She may also prefer a mixed floral bouquet, like roses mixed will daisies or tulips. Read More →

wedding-flowers1Choosing the right flowers for your seasonal wedding.

Choosing fresh flowers for your wedding decor and arrangements can often add the final and most beautiful touch to your ceremony. Many brides shy away from the idea of using fresh flowers thinking that they are often too difficult to source, pay for and arrange and instead opt for silk flowers to use instead. Although brides may find this option to be more cost effective for their budget – fresh flowers do indeed add a much more elegant and luxurious feel to your ceremony and when chosen properly, can also be more cost effective than silk flowers.

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95672zFor centuries, flowers have been an active member of our homes. A pot holding fresh flowers that you brought after morning jogging not only makes your home decorated but also radiates positive energy. A vase of red roses on a white clothed dining table makes your senses refreshed. They heal estranging bad odors and unfolding fragrance lifting spirit up.

Yellow Flowers: an invitation to shake hands

Yellow flowers are synonymous to friendship. They spread joy and represent nobility. They set our mind in bliss. Yellow flowers smile calling upon new partnerships. They tell about trust and mercy. They non verbally ask for compromise indicating the end of conflicts. When yellow daffodils tell your friend that he is special, Sunflowers symbolizes pride.

Blue Flowers: Inborn healers

Blue flowers are mighty flowers with unique potential to alienate sadness and boredom. They cool our eyes and spread peace. They are very bright flowers which ensure sound mental health. They calm down worries. They represent clarity, communication, intelligence and tranquility. As a blue hyacinth signifies sincerity, a blue lotus means wisdom. Read More →

2107Arrangements for all occasions

Flower basket arrangements are even used as boutonnières, bud vases, centre pieces, corsages, dish gardens, topiaries among other things. They are suited for different occasions and fit perfectly in any occasion. The different varieties of flower arrangements look good for different occasions. Depending upon the mood of the occasion you can choose different flowers and flower arrangements. This will help you complement the mood. It also helps you express and convey your feelings at the event. Read More →

img_1293Lily also known as Asiatic lily and oriental lily, is a trumpet shaped flower. It grows to a six inch diameter with the stems growing up to three feet long. It carries four to eight blossoms. Many of the lilies live up to two weeks. Lilies come in various colors like white, yellow, pink, red and orange. There are 10 different species of lilies. They are highly toxic to cats and safe for humans. Since 12th century lilies have been considered a symbol for purity. They can be grown indoors and outdoors. Lilies come in different colors like, red orange, pink, white and yellow. They are forced to grow all throughout the year to meet the demands. A lily is one of the most popular flowers in the world. It has various medicinal and non-medicinal properties. It has different meaning and symbolisms in different cultures. Read More →

image-ban-1These flowers are the most sustainable one with longer flowering periods. It is not difficult for them to survive like other flowers. They can be arranged beautifully in a florapak, holder or in a mesh of wires. They do not need any particular alternative. They can stand successfully while resisting conditions like central heating, easy to make arrangements with different size of stems. Larger arrangements require Chrysanthemum on a larger scale.

Reason behind the prominence of Chrysanthemums over other flowers

One of the reasons behind its popularity is availability of this flower in unbelievable large number of colors. These colors are varying from white, orange, creamy white, skin, lemon yellow, golden and sunshine yellow, also available in all the different vibrant orange colors. White Chrysanthemum is widely used for festivals and cremation. These flowers are most valuable part of wedding, where florist makes the most out of them.

These flowers can be arranged alone or together in group with roses, anemones, carnations and orchids to provide beautiful combinations. These flowers also stand as a best option, when you are deciding to visit someone at hospital. These flowers will change the atmosphere in the room of the patient and will provide fresh air to come in.

You can make a group of Chrysanthemum flowers by arranging two or three original flowers in foliage. It would be better if you cut the stems of the flower in different sizes to provide a perfect cleave scene. If you are out of budget and planning to meet someone after a long time a single Chrysanthemum flower can do a lot.

image-ban-1Gerbera Bouquet

A bouquet, which is arranged with Gerbera looks amazing for weddings or home decoration. They also last longer if you add sufficient water to dip its stem. But you need to dip only a small part of its stem and not the whole stem as it can decay it faster. The flower bouquet can last for weeks.

Meaning of Gerbera Flower

This beautiful flower symbolizes innocence, beauty and purity. However, since it is found in so many colors it represents cheerfulness.

Form of Gerbera Flowers

Gerberas are divided into four groups depending upon their different forms:

  • Single flower: This Gerbera type does not have overlapping petals. It has a green centre in between. These are most commonly found in the florist shops in Amritsar.
  • Double flower: This type consists of two rows of overlapping petals. The inner row contains black, dark red or green eye. It can also contain more than one inner row.
  • Crested Doubles: This type of Gerbera has double rows of overlapping petals. There is one or more inner row of petals containing green, dark red or black eye.
  • Full Crested Doubles: This Gerbera type contains overlapping petals that are solid. It has an inner row that reduces in size and covers the entire eye.

Flowers are indeed capable of delivering positive energy. Flowers are placed in hospitals and also in the rooms where patients are admitted. It has been found to have a great impact in the health condition of the patient. Patients who are admitted in rooms where flowers are kept seem to recover much faster than other patients.

Flowers are also used to decorate the interior of homes. People arrange flowers beautifully and place them in beautiful vases. These vases are placed in different parts of the house. Flowers are likely to improve the moods of people living in the house and also are capable of delivering positive energy to the entire house.

Flowers- Meaning

It is impossible for any person to be completely unaware of the flower meanings. As every flower lover knows, flowers have a language of their own. Every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these delicate blooms. Of course, even the experts disagree on the ‘true meaning’ of many flowers and most have different meanings to different people. Everyone knows that red rose stands for romantic love and that one does not send yellow roses to anyone in mourning. However, meanings are not only associated with roses, but also with other flowers. Read More →

Flowery connection

It would be interesting to know, flowers not only reflect your emotions, but also probable of appealing to your respective zodiac signs. So, it proves good if you know what flowers to be gifted to the loving one. Aries are passionate, red roses dazzling full of energy complements them, Taurus love lilies for their sweets scented personality different colours of roses are perfect to gift a Gemini and Libra, white lilies for sensitive cancer, yellow roses for Leo will be a great choice. Striking blue flowers for warm Virgo, bouquet of carnations works well for Sagittarians and Capricorns, for scorpions and Pisces would love the splendourful orchids. Read More →