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The most dribbling attraction of the decade in the field of dessert is the arrival of designer cakes. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, whatever the occasion of joy be, designer cakes are always welcome. Their arrival marked a new era of enjoying cakes. They introduced to the world a new realm of cakes. They come in different sizes and shapes as well.


From a familiar world of just plum cakes of same taste and colour, it has brought us to a place of wide choices. Vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, butterscotch; name it and the buyers will get it in that flavour. And with different flavour it acquires different colour. Some of the other popular flavours are black forest, white forest, praline etc.

Shapes and sizes

Depending on the size of the pocket, the degree of happiness and the character of the celebration, the shape and the size of the cake may vary. A buyer can get a cake that looks like a bride and groom and present it to a newlywed. This is the biggest advantage with these new designer cakes that they can be customised. It can be made available to the customer in the flavour, shape and size of his choice. Though scribbling on the cake is an old trick, it can be done too.

Another attractive thing about the cream cakes is that they can be served cold and at room temperature. So some these new designer cakes are kept in chillers.

Cake in making                

Though the basic ingredients are the same, a few more join the new recipe. Designer cakes are layered, spongy, fluffy and creamy. The C004_400main ingredients of these cakes are flour, sugar, butter, eggs and baking soda.

After the first process of mixing the various ingredients and whipping the mix, it is then poured into containers for baking in an oven at about 200 degree Celsius. Once it is ready to be taken out from the oven, there starts the process of covering the cake with the creamy flavour of customers’ choice.  Thus carefully and neatly covered cake is placed in a cooler for a while until it gains decent rigidity. Another common term for covering the cake is icing. The cake is then put through a series of art work of decorating and designing. The cake is also garnished with dry and fresh fruits.

Art in making

Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, it is true that cake decoration is an art and is taught at places. It requires a good sense of design wedding-cakespatterns and flair for using the spatula and the pipe for decorating. This knowledge has become an intrinsic part in a resume of a dessert chef these days. The major portion of the new cost is for the artwork itself.

Cash in the cakes

It can be said for certain that there are no people on earth who haven’t taken a short pause to look into the glass chillers at the delicious-looking designer cakes and wondered the taste of each cake or simply stood there admiring the look of it.

It wouldn’t be a bakery that hasn’t got a cake in it. But cakes are not for namesake. They occupy a good space of it and contribute to the good income as well. It has to be said that a careful study has been done in expanding the business opportunities by developing the pack and the packing. The subsequent increase in the cost of the cakes was expected.

They are not just sold in the form of big large cakes alone, but in new varieties called pastries. It made easy for a quick bite for people. Designer cakes have played a great role in bringing the customers back into the shop.

Cakes for mixing

Just like cakes are for crowds, crowds are for cakes too. Cakes are great socialising agents. They indicate the symbol of success, celebration, gathering and joy. People got together for cake cutting which has evolved into an important event of any social function. Cutting and sharing cake became a mark of the start of a new life. But cakes wouldn’t have had this position, if it wasn’t for these enticing, rich designer cakes. Designer cakes have played a crucial role in redefining the occasions for which people gathered. People made time and occasion for celebrating with designer cakes.

It is beyond question that the sight of these mouth-watering edibles melts our minds. Unknowingly and surprisingly cakes are gaining importance and they are becoming a part of our culture.


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