wedding-flowers1Choosing the right flowers for your seasonal wedding.

Choosing fresh flowers for your wedding decor and arrangements can often add the final and most beautiful touch to your ceremony. Many brides shy away from the idea of using fresh flowers thinking that they are often too difficult to source, pay for and arrange and instead opt for silk flowers to use instead. Although brides may find this option to be more cost effective for their budget – fresh flowers do indeed add a much more elegant and luxurious feel to your ceremony and when chosen properly, can also be more cost effective than silk flowers.

The first step in organizing your arrangements and ensuring that they look the best during your big day is of course to choose the type that will be in bloom during the season of your ceremony. By choosing the right flowers for your seasonal wedding, you will get the most out of your budget and from Summer to Spring – there are an endless amount of options to choose from, each that will perfectly fit in with your wedding days seasonal theme. Fresh flowers will also most importantly provide the ceremony and its guests with a unique ambience and scent that will linger longer in their memories then the presence of any silk bouquet from the day.


Summer : Think cool tones, simple and elegant bouquets and arrangements contrasting against the stifling heat outside.

– White Roses

– Garden Roses

– David Austin Roses

– Hydrangea

– Dahlias

– Bouvardia

– Delphiniums

– Tuberose

– Jasmine


Autumn : Think warm tones and texture, full and lush bouquets mirroring the warmth and robustness of fall.

– Pieter B Garden roses

– Bunny tails

– Aubergine dahlias

– Striped roses

– Bright yellow marigolds

– Dark orange Chinese lanterns

– Narcissus

– Freckled Vanda Orchids

– Gloriosa Lilies

– Sahara roses

– Berzelia

– Skimmia

Winter : Think cool, icy tones and simple arrangements or lush season reds.

– Mauve ROses

– Paper whites

– Amaryllis blossoms

– Arborvitae

– Calla Lilies

– Scabiosa

– Delphinium florets

– Lilies of the valley

– White Carnations

– Cockscomb

Spring : Think bright colors, a-symmetrical and full arrangements mirroring the vivacious blooms outdoors.outdoor gate decoration

– Bright peonies

– Ranunculus

– Poppies

– Protea

– Sweet peas

– Posies

– Geranium foliage

– Tuberous begonias

– Gladiolus

– Calla lilies

– white lilac

By choosing flowers that are in bloom for your ceremony, your floral budget will certainly be able to be maximized and the overall theme for your wedding will fit in perfectly with the surrounding weather. Whether you choose a vivacious and bright arrangement or simple and elegant one – fresh flowers will almost certainly add that final touch and ambience to your ceremony that silk flowers may not be able to do.


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