95672zFor centuries, flowers have been an active member of our homes. A pot holding fresh flowers that you brought after morning jogging not only makes your home decorated but also radiates positive energy. A vase of red roses on a white clothed dining table makes your senses refreshed. They heal estranging bad odors and unfolding fragrance lifting spirit up.

Yellow Flowers: an invitation to shake hands

Yellow flowers are synonymous to friendship. They spread joy and represent nobility. They set our mind in bliss. Yellow flowers smile calling upon new partnerships. They tell about trust and mercy. They non verbally ask for compromise indicating the end of conflicts. When yellow daffodils tell your friend that he is special, Sunflowers symbolizes pride.

Blue Flowers: Inborn healers

Blue flowers are mighty flowers with unique potential to alienate sadness and boredom. They cool our eyes and spread peace. They are very bright flowers which ensure sound mental health. They calm down worries. They represent clarity, communication, intelligence and tranquility. As a blue hyacinth signifies sincerity, a blue lotus means wisdom.

Green Flowers: Earthly flowers

Green flowers represent nature as such. They are considered to be auspicious for making a new beginning. These are brilliant colors of green flowerslife and youth. They promise good luck and ask the onlookers to be optimistic. Hydrangea represents vanity.

Lavenders: A feminine flower

Lavenders with a light shade of purple color symbolize feminism. Lavenders are an enchanting flower which is considered to be much gracious and elegant. They are considered to be precious and sacred.

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