Kids are the most dominant section of our society, and they, being the humblest takes the most important part in our lives. Kids are innovative and oriented towards new things. That could be any game outdoor, and any activity which they feel is interesting and might draw attention. One such activity could be gardening. Gardening is the most creative hobby, not just for kids, but even for adults. It is scientifically proven that kids who have developed the gardening hobby early in the childhood tend to be more creative with better intelligent quotient factor than the kids of the same age.

Benefits of gardening for kids

–       Increases thinking capacity and teaches patience in the early age.

–       Better health compared to children of the same age.

–       Increase’s responsibility while being dedicated in nurturing plants.

–       It enhances self-confidence by promoting love towards nature.

–       Increases physical activities and endurance levels.

Getting children to adapt and follow gardening might vary from different age groups. Perhaps, it could be started by handing a small section of the garden exclusive for their development. Kids usually tend to imitate elders, so if any of the parents or elder siblings are initiatively practicing gardening, then kids would be motivated and excited. Kids tend to be more attractive to some of the brighter looking plants, appropriate and selected plants need to be provided to them for nurturing. Kids seek fun and enjoyment in everything that they do, so it’s the responsibility of the parents to provide ideas to create fertilizers, prepare scarecrow, irrigation, preparing soils, clay and mud, making pots, creating fence, weeding and many more creative tasks. Gardening is an indirect way of connecting to the nature and learning about life and its importance. It does not require intelligence of any kind, but just humbleness.  Hence, parents tend to divert the minds of the kids to gardening.

Kids start learning from the tender age, and it continues until a person is alive. Parents need to initiate outdoor learning by connecting the kids to nature and its different forms. It could also start by asking for their help in gardening, planting trees or watering plants. A flower is amazing creation of the nature, and it amuses every individual by its diversity and intense serenity with bliss.  Importance of flowers is felt in different stages in our lives, undoubtedly it surpasses our expectations. Kids will be fascinated by the flowers and the youth seek it as an occasion to express their love and elders tend to wish others assisted with flowers. Gardening can be done either to grow fruits, vegetables or flowers.

Butterfly gardens are the most beautiful creation and display of gardening niche, which can be created in our local surroundings. As the name indicates butterfly gardens are exclusively built for butterflies to pollinate and grow. The essence of creating a butterfly garden could serve many purposes.

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