With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, the most popular day for the sending and reception of flowers is approaching near. Among several species available, roses are at par the most used ones by lovers on this day, where taking proper care of such a precious gift is the first preference. If you wish to extend the life of your floral gift, a few guidelines discussed below might be helpful.V40032RS

Water is a Vital Source of Nourishment

Keep the floral foam or the vase soaked with fresh water every time, where cloudy water should be replaced immediately and warm water helps flowers uptake easily. Also, re-cut the stems of flowers daily by an inch or two, if possible, and use a sharp knife while making the cut under water, avoiding flowers to intake air.

Keep the Flowers Cool

A warm environment cuts down the life of flowers, so it should be kept away from heating vents and direct sunlight. Appliances of daily use like computers and televisions, throw away heat that dries out the flowers, while the warm air coming down from the ceiling fans fades them.valetines day bouquet

Trick for Droopy or Wilted Flowers

If your floral arrangement has started to droop, you should take out the stems of the wilted flower from the arrangement and then re-cut it. After this, immerse the bloom in warm water, leaving it for an hour or two to make it retain its health. This treatment is beneficial for the flowers and extends their life for a few days, while the trick provides the best results with cut flowers.

Taking Care of Wrapped Flowers

If you are having a couple of loose flowers, stems, you can lengthen their life by keeping them cool until the arrival of the special day. Take a clean vase filled with water and add the food packets provided by the florist, by making their use as per the instructions given.

Before putting the flowers in the vase, cut out all the foliage from the stems that is going to be placed below the waterline as leaves promote the growth of deteriorating bacteria when placed under water. When re-cutting the stems, ensure that you make use of a sharp knife, where the same guidelines can be used to enhance the life of floral arrangements as well._40_flowers_roses

Taking Care of Potted Plants

Apart from floral arrangements and loose blooms, potted plants are also quite popular as a gift item on Valentine’s Day. Similar to bouquets and baskets, pots also remain healthy when placed in a cool location, while their color can be prevented from fading by avoiding dry air or heat drafts. Since most of the plants need suitable moisture to grow properly, so you should check the dampness of the soil daily by touch and add water, if required. Also, avoid standing water in the pot as this will damage their root system. The lifestyle of a potted plant varies from a few days like that of a forced bulb up to some weeks. For instance, several plants are known to last up to 4 weeks with a proper care, except for kalanchoes, exacum cyclamen and azaleas.

As discussed above, fresh water is the basic need of all the floral products, whether they are loose blooms, bouquets, baskets or potted plants. So, it is essential to keep a check on the quality and level of water and replace it from time to time to help them grow properly and last longer. Since different flowers have different lifespan, so you should also invest time and efforts to find blooms that are likely to stand against the local weather and last longer.

Thus, by following the above guide, you can enhance the life of your Valentine’s Day gift to its maximum limit.

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