image-ban-1These flowers are the most sustainable one with longer flowering periods. It is not difficult for them to survive like other flowers. They can be arranged beautifully in a florapak, holder or in a mesh of wires. They do not need any particular alternative. They can stand successfully while resisting conditions like central heating, easy to make arrangements with different size of stems. Larger arrangements require Chrysanthemum on a larger scale.

Reason behind the prominence of Chrysanthemums over other flowers

One of the reasons behind its popularity is availability of this flower in unbelievable large number of colors. These colors are varying from white, orange, creamy white, skin, lemon yellow, golden and sunshine yellow, also available in all the different vibrant orange colors. White Chrysanthemum is widely used for festivals and cremation. These flowers are most valuable part of wedding, where florist makes the most out of them.

These flowers can be arranged alone or together in group with roses, anemones, carnations and orchids to provide beautiful combinations. These flowers also stand as a best option, when you are deciding to visit someone at hospital. These flowers will change the atmosphere in the room of the patient and will provide fresh air to come in.

You can make a group of Chrysanthemum flowers by arranging two or three original flowers in foliage. It would be better if you cut the stems of the flower in different sizes to provide a perfect cleave scene. If you are out of budget and planning to meet someone after a long time a single Chrysanthemum flower can do a lot.

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